Smiling-X 2 : Horror Adventure


The time has come to defeat the evil corporation and help the Resistance to organize and to defeat them.
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May 30, 2022
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Smiling-X 2: The Resistance survival in subway. – join the resistance to end the x Corporation forever. In the story, your hero was able to get out alive from past troubles, but after learning the terrible truth about Corporation X, he can not do nothing, so he joins the resistance forces to stop the evil. In this horror-RPG with puzzle elements, you will have to organize a fight against a powerful Corporation, so, involve the maximum number of people in your business and create a powerful resistance using the accumulated resources that fights against Corporation X.

The time has come to defeat the evil corporation and help the Resistance to organize and to defeat them.

Go through different areas and reestablish control of the supplies by defeating the terrifying threat in each of them

Fear cannot defeat you, face it without fear and solve each of the mysteries that you will face. In this horror game you can find different missions and items to use for solve the puzzle and complete it.

The main mission: Defeat the scary enemy and pick the kernel to give the information to the commander for help them fighiting against the evil corporation.

Each haunted area that you must explore will be totally different, with wonderful landscapes and excellent graphics where you will have to control a different type of resource.

Smiling-X 2 : Horror Adventure features:

.- Different scary enemies in each location
.- Personalized jumpscares at all times for each enemy
.- Fun puzzles to solve to reset each station
.- Hidden areas to discover and funny creepy moments
.- Hide anywhere and avoid being caught in this horror game

Once you have completed all steps you become a Hero!
Dont stop to play to pick an ice scream and work hard to complete all steps.

You are recommended to play with headphones and enjoy our immersive atmosphere.
If you like horror games, Smiling-X will be your next favourite scary game!

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What's new

New quest in Gaia St.! Do you remember the waitress?
New daily reward system!
Fixed some bugs from earlier version
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Version Size Requirements Date
1.9.5 - 5.1 15/10/2022