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Aliboo Studio
May 30, 2022
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Silent Castle – this is a pretty scary horror, with a creepy drawing of characters and a constantly tense atmosphere. Here you will find yourself among the people who found themselves in the old castle, and now have to fight for their lives. An evil ghost is trying to break through to you to destroy all the living, don’t let this happen!

From the very beginning of the game, try to find a crib for yourself, and hide under the blanket. This way you will earn coins that can be spent on various traps, doors and defensive structures. Hurry up, because after a while monsters will start roaming the corridors and trying to break into your room. If you have managed to build a good defense, you will be able to lie quietly in bed.

This game involves scary images that may cause physical discomfort. This is Parental Guidance Recommended game to the players that minor under the age of 18. It is also recommended that some people who are sensitive to excitement and frightening games withdraw from this game.

It’s dark and something broke into the castle
Watch out! Soul Reaper on the prowl! BANG!!! BANG – it is furiously attacking the doors of the rooms.
Close the door and hide in your beds now! Build your defense against the Soul Reaper together.

Silent Castle Features

Different modes – You can choose to be a survivor or a Soul Reaper
Lots of powerful props and equipment – get more gold and strategies to use different props, different characters can make the props work better!
MVP rewards – Be the winner!! More rewards are waiting!
Begginer Login Reward – Reward for exploring the castle for the first time!

If a red countdown appears, leave the corridor right away or no one will be able to guarantee your safety in the castle.
Please do not follow other people into the room. If you enter a room and find someone in bed, leave the room as soon as possible. If you cannot leave the room, please start the game again.
Go to bed after entering the room and get gold by sleeping, you can use your gold to build equipment. Don’t get out of bed no matter what happens, and don’t get out of bed if IT breaks in
If a Soul Reaper breaks the door, press the repair button to fix it.
If you find that the light in someone’s room is broken, don’t check the room and don’t take anything from the room. There are secret rooms in the castle, if you step in it by chance- leave immediately. If you spend coins on those mysterious props, it can’t be sure that the Soul Reaper will not go mad-
Taking pictures and shooting videos in the castle are forbidden. Once caught, you will not be able to enter the castle.

It’s late at night, so get a good night’s sleep in the castle
Build a line of defense in your room and try to defeat the Soul Reapers.
Shh, it’s coming-

What's new

- Add Endless Mode
- Add Talent System
- Fix bugs


Version Size Requirements Date
1.3.10 - 4.4 07/11/2022