Sci Farm: Space Village Life


A lovely big farm and city building online simulation game. Take care of cute animals in your town, and enjoy harvesting what you plant in your farming game.
Eternal Nova
May 30, 2022
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Sci Farm: Space Village Life – a farm in futuristic scenery, with cute graphics and a variety of gameplay features. Players will also worry about the harvest and build various high-tech facilities and installations. To obtain resources from other worlds, to send crops, as well as to transport and accept new residents of the dash of workers on agricultural sites. At the same time, do not forget about scientific activities.

A lovely big farm and city building online simulation game. Take care of cute animals in your town, and enjoy harvesting what you plant in your farming game.

Did you ever watched a sunrise from a village life space station town?

Every morning your day starts with plant, harvest and feed animals. It’s a wonderful and happy farming game.

Did you know aliens are waiting for your orders delivery? So time to harvest.

It is very wonderful to farm, harvest, decorate, and customize your own space station. Every day and night cute animals are here. Take care of them and feed what they love to! Farming was never so much fun!

Trade with your big farm guest: aliens coming from all over the universe and manage your space station to grow the farms animals in your town and more.

The story begins some day in the year 2470, when a huge meteor was hitting the earth, the Sci Farm: a big happy farm, harvest and simulation of life organization is set up with the goal of preserving and expanding the earth’s life to surrounding planets in their town and space ship. The organization goes global with the launch of a large number of space stations.

In this game, you will be sent to one of these space stations as a manager and you must try to expand your space station by producing and collect animal DNA, food, and plants; selling them to residents of other programs. Are you ready to stay on this mission?

Do you think you can manage a space farm and harvesting station? So let’s get started in your own farm town.

Experience space city-building and farming games.
The day is started so take care of cute animals, feed them, farm, harvest, and extract DNA.

Zoo Management, farm, and city-building is more fun when you harvest crops in your town.

More than 30 builds to design your own spaceship station and city.
Explore deeper space and feed the cut animals in your village life in space.
Pure sunrise of many stars in sci farm the farming game.

Sci farm features:

Special farm game skills
Wonderful product to plant and harvest
Many types of animals to feed and take care of.
Different futuristic devices, buildings, and technologies to develop the best space station.
Maximum customizability and various types of decorations in your farm.
Cute and funny-looking characters from different races of humans, aliens, and robots.
A trading system to buy from and sell to other players.
Player unions to create and become a member of.
Chatting with other players, like their stations, sending them gifts, and participating in coop events.
Trading with special alien races like jelly people!

Enjoy game and see your big farm will grow faster than you can imagine, Because it’s A Sci Farm with special farming game features.

Scifarm is free to play, though some in-game items can also be purchased for real money.

Scifarm is an online game (Internet connection is required).

What's new

Visual improvements
Orders balances
Performance improvements
Minor bug fixes


Version Size Requirements Date
2.8.1 - 4.1 19/09/2022