The Adventures of Searching for Giants
Singta Inc.
Jul 14, 2022
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GiantN – a party role-playing project with collecting various unique characters, pumping their skills, as well as the need for a thoughtful combination of their skills. So that in battles they represent a powerful and indestructible structure. Which will be especially useful when eliminating bosses. Huge and powerful creatures will become a very, very serious obstacle in the way of the group. So don’t underestimate the enemy.

The Adventures of Searching for Giants

Mobile RPG charged with simplicity and thrill!
The adventure begins in search of giants.

GiantN Features

Delightful amusement optimized for mobile!
Enjoy the exhilarating fun and convenience from your mobile device.
Experience the revolutionary RPG.
The answer is right at your fingertips.

Endless choices. Exploration!
From the choices you make, endless contents are produced.
Characters you want to meet, opponents you want to fight, and the resources that will help you on your way.
The choice is yours.

Simple but tactical battle
The controls are simple and easy. BUT!!
All the strategy of the RPG will be made by your choice.
The battle mechanics will deepen as you fight on.
The thrill of victory will go hand in hand with the tactics you choose.

Stimulating Fever Time
No more boring farming methods.
From the ongoing Fever Time, your resources will accumulate.
Keep on exploring and feel the Fever first hand!

A feast of various contents
Endless exploration and battles.
Fierce competition for resources.
Unending PvP and Raid for survival.
Clash with the mighty World Boss.
hero quest, gathering, mining, imprinting, underground dungeons, and so on.
Your choice becomes everything.

[Access permission notice for gameplay]
1. Allow access to photos, media, and files.
– Permission is required to save files necessary to run the game on the device.
– Permission for authorization to read/write on the SD card for downloading resources.
– Photos, media, and file access rights include permissions to use the repository, and rights are required because it is not possible to read/write the information required to use the game when we do not have those permissions.

Once the install button for “Giants” has been selected, it will be assumed that the installment for Giants: Awakened Heroes is agreed.


Version Size Requirements Date
1.0.4 - 5.0 13/10/2022

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