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Play chess in this glorious high resolution 3D world. With 8 highly detailed Locations "Courtyard", "Country Garden", "Medieval Times", "1066: Battle of Hastings", "Aztec Ruins", "Stone Mountain", "Steam Punk" & "Halloween: Trick Or Treat?"
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After Dark Studios Ltd
6 апр. 2022 г.
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Warrior Chess – a game on the Android, themed chess based on the Battle of Hastings in 1066. The game with excellent high-resolution 3D, the ability to scale and turn the board in different directions.

Play chess in this glorious high resolution 3D world. With 8 highly detailed Locations “Courtyard”, “Country Garden”, “Medieval Times”, “1066: Battle of Hastings”, “Aztec Ruins”, “Stone Mountain”, “Steam Punk” & “Halloween: Trick Or Treat?”

Warrior Chess Features Include:

Interactive 3D board, rotate, zoom and view & play from any angle
8 Locations
Country Garden
Medievial Times
1066: Battle of Hastings
Aztec Ruins
Stone Mountain
Steam Punk
Halloween: Trick Or Treat?
Use the Trainer Feature to show all the legal moves for each piece before playing, and the possible outcome of the move (Check,Checkmate, Promotion, En Passante, Castle & Piece Taken) at each position.
3D & 2D Chess pieces
2 Player board rotation. Place the device on the table like a real chess board!
50 AI difficulty settings, from Easy to Grand Master
Timed games from 5 minutes to 99 minutes.
Stuck?, use the move hint generation feature
Undo & Redo moves, even after Checkmate.
Show all the moves for the current game
Using Undo/Redo, walk through all the moves
Restart a completed game from any previous point
Save & Load games, to be replayed / analysed or finished later
Detailed “How to Play” chess tutorial showing all the moves
Support for “Castling”, “En Passant” and “Pawn Promotion”
Device Performance control – Use the “Visual Quality” settings in the options to adjust the performance on your device
Time/Day settings for each Location (Sunrise, Day, Sunset, Night)
Camera settings to disable in-game panning, or lock the camera to a fixed view
No Ads or In-App Purchases

What's new

· New Location "Courtyard"
· New Location "Country Garden"
· New Location Selector, to download only the required Locations
· Various Bug Fixes


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