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Seedlang's focus is on improving your German speaking and listening skills. We do this by building interactive experiences using videos of native speakers.
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Oct 31, 2021
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Seedlang: Learn German Faster – the educational spectrum is a program in which the developers tried to use a slightly different tactic of transferring knowledge and fixing it in the minds of students. They will be able to learn German not from boring textbooks with a bunch of rules that will make them doubt their capabilities and the expediency of further actions, but from various stories and situations. They will show at the same time how to use the acquired knowledge and in what conditions.

Seedlang’s focus is on improving your German speaking and listening skills. We do this by building interactive experiences using videos of native speakers.

We‘ve built this app in a partnership with the Easy German Youtube channel and have a strong focus on teaching German with real people and authentic language.

Why Seedlang?

Simply put, we combine real humor and fun with a deep understanding of the German language. We craft experiences that are unlike others you have experienced before.

Interactive stories

We use video to tell stories that are fun, surprising, and memorable. This will help to give context to what you are learning and make building new memories feel effortless.

A new type of flashcards

You’ve never seen flashcards like these before. They combine video, speaking practice, and embedded grammar to create a fun and effective learning experience.

Active learning through speaking

Recording audio of your speech and comparing it with that of native speakers allows you to improve your pronunciation. As you practice these improvements, your muscle memory for the language strengthens and speaking becomes effortless.

Grammar at your fingertips

We are most receptive to learning grammar after we’ve made a mistake. So, if you make a mistake with a word, simply click it to display detailed grammar information. It’s like having a grammar book always ready to tell you what you need to know, when you need to know it.

Customize your learning

Use our vocab trainer to build flashcard decks tailored to specific vocabulary that you want to learn. Each card is pulled from one of our stories and has all of the fun context that will make this vocabulary easy to remember.

Trivia game

Test your German comprehension by competing against other German students in an interactive trivia game.

What's new

We have a few updates and fixes for you with this release.
- Fixed a problem where when you added a custom review, you weren't able to add a second one.
- Fixed a problem you weren't able to remove a review immediately after clicking the "Add to Review" button.
- We removed the "Sign in With Facebook" button. If you have any issues because of this, please contact us at [email protected]

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