Glory of Destiny:Dragon Slayer

Once great was the continent, bright and brilliant for its souls born.
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May 8, 2022
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Glory of Destiny: Dragon Slayer – mobile project. In this game, we choose one of three factions — humans, elves and orcs; the type of buildings and the type of the future kingdom depends on your choice. It is also necessary to knock out rare generals and pass the plot chapters.

Once great was the continent, bright and brilliant for its souls born.

But this vestige of light was scant match for the Voidwyrm and its suffusions of darkness. Only men could change their fate, and only few of them indeed. Heroes – called forth and hailed so by each faction and its leaders.

Set in a mystical world of magicks and demons, Glory of Destiny is a combat strategy game brimming with heroes and myths of eld. Valiant braves must come together to fend off the looming darkness of the enigmatic Voidwyrm.

Many vibrant and lost Civilizations want for your aid. A beautiful world of tactics and trials awaits would-be Heroes, brought into being by creators passionate about might and magic, and fairies and fire. Enjoy an epic of untold proportions and explore the mysteries of the continent in the course of your conquest.

Put new and innovative stratagems and your wits and wiles to the test when guiding your Heroes into battle! Defend the indefensible and surmount the insurmountable in your journey to reclaim what once was rightfully yours!

Summon Heroes of Eld to aid you on your journey!

A vast roster of Heroes from diverse factions and fiefdoms awaits your arrival. The art of war is a cunning craft, and also a rewarding one.
Forge records and rewrite history on your path to humanity’s redemption. Reimagine Civilizations and be an Ozymandias of your age – witness war dawn anew and usher in new eras in your image.

 Fortify your Castles and Strongholds and promote your Valiants!

Choose which Civilization you will champion and ensure its rise through expanding its reach and resources. Fortify, construct, and rebuild a path to glory. You’ll find no trustier aid than that of your Heroes, whose Skills you must hone and Ranks you must increase on your way to bigger and better things. Put those Talent points to use and be rewarded with ever-growing spoils of war.

Form Alliances and Unions, and in unity, find strength!

Co-operate with players the world over and form Alliances to defend your fledgling nations. Assemble allies to scout and battle aside, and draw up defenses and plan offensives. Outmaneuver and outcraft, not just alone but in tandem.

Be who you wish to be, and build what you wish to build – your Civilization, your way!
Play to the diverse strengths each Civilization brings to the table and rewrite history in your own characteristic hand. Freely move and customize your stronghold and its structures, and even find the time to freshen up the base. Champion a race which resonates with you, and focus on facets of your choice – your style, your pace.

What's new

Glory of Destiny:dragon slayer is a fantasy strategic war game. Filled with multi-racial heroes and mastering the new decline of civilization. The hero's confrontation with the unknown dragon.
Open testing is underway, Welcome to download and experience.

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