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Mini madness descends on the Clash Universe! In this game of choices, duel and Rumble in a fun, strategy-packed board game.
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May 11, 2022
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Clash Mini is a mini-chess game in the Clash of Clans universe, where battles take place in small arenas in the 1×1 format. Users need to place fighters elementary in compliance with all the synergies of skills and so on, and then enjoy the fight. The latter happens automatically, that is, you don’t need to click anything else.

Mini madness descends on the Clash Universe! In this game of choices, duel and Rumble in a fun, strategy-packed board game.

Collect, Summon and Upgrade your army of Minis in this exciting real-time auto battler. Predict your opponent’s moves and then assemble your winning strategy and formation. Watch your Minis come to life and clash to be the last one standing!

Lead your adorable army with Heroes including Barbarian King, Shield Maiden, Archer Queen, and more. Ignite the board with wizards, pierce with magic archers, or activate heavyweights like Pekka. Change the tide of battle by swapping and upgrading your Minis in between rounds. Play 1v1 or Rumble mode against 7 other players. Play casually for fun or in ranked matches to increase your League standing.

Clash Mini is easy to learn but challenging to master. Get ready for your Minis to throw down the biggest Rumble!

Dynamic Combinations and Endless Possibilities
Anticipate your opponent’s moves and arrange your army in limitless positions
Adjust your in-game strategy with tanks, melee, and ranged Minis
Upgrade Minis during battle to activate stronger abilities

Fast, Exciting 3D Battles
Each game is action-packed – battles are under 5 minutes
Watch the Minis show off their special moves from different camera angles
Progress through the Leagues and break into the global top 1000

Collect, Upgrade & Customize
Iconic Clash Heroes such as Barbarian King, Archer Queen, and Shield Maiden join the fray
Complete Quests to collect Minis and unlock new Abilities
Customize Heroes and Minis with unique skins

What's new

- New Hero: Skeleton King!
- New Mini: Royal Ghost!
- Brand new Trophy Road is here! Unlock minis and rewards from climbing up.
- New Season is here, featuring Acolyte Healing Ranger.
- New Board: Under! With a new tile that brings minis back to life.
- Supercell ID skin: Barbari-hen and save progress on any device!
- Raid can now be played every 24 hours with up to 5 members!
- Heroes now get their first upgrade at level 4 and the second at level 8!
- Season 3 Star Exchange and Rank Rewards!


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